Best Memes This Week: Habanero Pepper Edition

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Just a picture of Bernie Sanders in a sports car that you probably can’t afford. Picture was probably taken on his way to an event where he was going to ask his followers to donate more money to his campaign.

Extra Hot Coronavirus Memes

Believe All Women. Except Tara Reade.

Our most popular post this week was this huge post pointing out the media’s refusal to talk about Tara Reade. The meme directly below, actually, was a little too provocative for some, and many of the other ones in the post were not much better received. Come see the full post by clicking here or on any if the images in the section below.

The Christine Blasey-Ford Saga

The best way to make sure you fully understand the Tara Reade situation is to compare and contrast it to the Christine Blasey-Ford story. We posted a few memes below to help remind you of how that went, but you can click here or on any of the memes below to go see the full post.

Some Odd Statues and TV Characters, Unfair Athletic Advantages, and My Inability to Pretend It’s Not What It Obviously Is

This post is a little older but we’re throwing it in this compilation post since it’s labeled “Habanero Spicy.” There’s absolutely nothing hateful or bigoted against anyone in the post, just a bunch of memes that show our – and most of America’s – views on men competing in women’s sports. This post definitely has gotten us the largest amount of negative comments from the snowflakes. Click here or on any of the images below to see the full post.

North Korean Memes Suitable for the Marshal of the Republic, the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un

The Hermit Nation is keeping quiet on whether or not Kim Jong Un is dead. Reports vary from the fat ass having a heart attack to him dying on a surgical table, to him just taking some time off. Regardless, these memes are awesome and need to be shared. There’s dozens of memes in the post, but only a few are below. Click here or on any of the images below to see the full thing.

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