Best Memes This Week: Free Hong Kong Edition

It’s been a great week, filled with ups and downs on the impeachment inquiry, a great American family slaughtered by animals in Mexico, and ridiculous policy proposals by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. We’ve captured it all in meme form and bring you the best ones so far this week.

Tragic story this week, American family gunned down in Mexico.

Big Troubles in Little Hong Kong

The most important thing going on in the world today are the protests in Hong Kong as they fight for their freedom from a totalitarian communist regime. These great citizens, armed only with umbrellas because they don’t have the right to bear arms, are waving Old Glory and begging for American intervention while the Democrats ensure we screw around in Washington with fake impeachment proceedings.

Click on any of the next six images in the section below to view our post and learn about how all of this started with a simple murder and extradition.

While we were watching the impeachment proceedings, Democrats…

A lot of major announcements this week that went unreported by the media due to their incessant coverage of the Trump impeachment proceedings. We’re showing you just a few here but click on any of the images in this section below to see our full post.

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