Best Memes this Week: Exposing the Liberal Bias

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Every week we post up a compilation of that week’s best memes and this was one of our busiest weeks ever thanks to the coronavirus. Because we were so busy the post below is huge, so be patient while it loads.

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Exposing the Liberal Bias in the Media

This post is just enormous: Partially because there’s so much bias in the media and partially because we just have a huge collection of memes on the subject. Regardless, it’s a great post full of memes, headline comparisons, charts, and more. Click here or on any of the images in the section below to see the full post.

Bye Bye, Bernie!

The biggest non-coronavirus story last week was Bernie Sanders finally dropping out of the race! We said goodbye to the communist jackass with probably the most savagely funny post we’ve ever done. Click here or on any of the images in the section below to see the full thing.

The Supreme Hypocrisy of Alyssa Milano

This F-List Hollywood actress released this Tweet during Justice Kavanaugh’s Senate Confirmation hearings and investigation over Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations against him.

This Tweet was released just a few days ago where she insists that Joe Biden deserves his day in court and the benefit of the doubt. Link goes to YouTube.

The hypocrisy is off the charts!

Trump Cheats on Elections

You read that right, Trump cheats. We agree with liberals 100% on this one. So let’s make sure he never cheats again by implementing mandatory Voter ID laws nationwide to make sure that only citizens vote.

Listen, don’t be confused by the headline. None of us believe that Trump cheated anymore than we believe Hillary did the right thing in Benghazi, however, read the article and you’ll be saying the same. Click here or on any of the Voter ID memes in the section below to see the full post.

Our Tribute to Barack Obama

Trump is divisive because liberals and the media hate him. Obama was divisive because he hated America. With that in mind, we paid tribute to the worst President since Jimmy Carter. Click here or on any of the images below to see the full post.

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