Best Memes This Week: Demand Voter ID Edition

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Our national New Year’s Resolution should be to implement federal Voter ID laws to halt election fraud. It’s the only method that ensures only citizens who have a right to vote, pay taxes, and follow the law are the ones that say where those tax dollars go and what laws we implement. The right is making a big push to implement these laws and will need our help and support in getting them passed. We ask you to take the time to learn about what Voter ID Laws really are. Decide for yourself if they’re needed or not, and if you agree, share these memes and spread the word that we need them nationwide.

The left will argue that voter ID laws are racist against black Americans because it’s too complicated, and the right will ask if the left thinks that black Americans are too stupid to get ID cards. The left will then counter that it’s too expensive and the right will point out that people already have driver’s licenses, and those that don’t, ID cards are usually free, and the ones that aren’t free are very inexpensive. Liberals will then go on and say that it’s cumbersome to keep your ID current and up to date, and conservatives will reply that you need appropriate ID for everything from buying a cell phone to buying cigarettes and most Americans already.

Both sides will make their standard arguments and then the American people will decide if conservatives want to enforce Voter ID laws because they’re racist, or if Democrats don’t want these laws because it means people can’t vote more than once and illegal immigrants can’t vote.

Every meme in on this page having to do with voting is a link to a full post on Voter ID and voter fraud. Click here or on any of them to see the full post.

Just a picture of a Congresswoman openly encouraging voter fraud. Yep! This is why we need Voter ID!

Our website’s resolution for this year and this decade is to rally for Voter ID laws. We’re going to highlight instances of voter fraud and ask you to share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email. If you agree that voter fraud is a problem join us in our quest to #DemandVoterID.

When Democrats tell you that Vladimir Putin interferes with our elections tell them you agree and to stop him from doing it again we need to #DemandVoterID.

How Much Do You Know About Hunter Biden?

Our post clarifying all the twisted stuff on the Hunter Biden story was a great way to end 2019. Some of the better memes are below but the whole post is lit. Click here or on any of the images below to see the full post.

Good Riddance, General Soleimani

This piece of garbage was in charge of Iran’s secret operations to kill Americans and Israelis. President Trump ordered his assassination just days after Soleimani coordinated an attack on the US embassy in Iraq. Full disclosure: We were having some celebratory drinks while making this post. Click here or on any of the images below to see the full post.

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