Best Memes This Week: Cuba is Bernie’s Socialist Paradise Edition

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It’s been another crazy week: Super Tuesday, coronavirus, major Democrat contenders for the White House dropping out and backing Sleepy Joe. However, the biggest story is the implosion of support for Bernie Sanders after his idiotic praising of Fidel Castro during the Democratic debates.

Scroll down and enjoy all the best memes this week. Just remember, it’s a huge post full of fantastic anti-socialism memes, so you’ll have to be patient and let it load!

Life in Bernie Sanders’ Cuban Paradise

We published a great post this week about the socialist nation depicting how truly awful life is there. Click here or on any of the Cuba memes below to see the full post and learn how it’s in stark contrast to what Comrade Bernie would have you believe.

Ilhan Omar is Proud of Everything Except Being An American

Democrat Congressional Representative (and likely foreign agent from Qatar) Ilhan Omar recently sent out the Tweets below claiming all sorts of things she proud of, but being an American wasn’t on there. She was promptly destroyed over Twitter and we made a page full of memes about her that you can see by clicking here or on any of the Ilhan Omar memes in the section below.

Military Monday: Simply Amazing

Every Monday we post a tribute to our armed forces and this week’s post was… Well, here’s a few of the pics. Click here or on any of them to see the post.

Just a picture of Bernie Sanders flying first class.

Need a new coffee mug?

We believe in equality. Therefore we are posting this in response to Netflix and their “gay Jesus” series.

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