Best Memes This Week – Cleaning and Fixing Up Edition

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It’s been a week for the record books. We made several big changes to the site over the last week, including a more modern appearance and improved navigation, plus an actual merchandise store, in addition to Robinhood and Acorns accounts so that we don’t have to depend as much on traffic from social media sites. Sadly

Why We’re Back

If you’re like the majority of visitors you’re linking to us from a certain mega social site. This particular site has an iron fist over what conservatives post on their platform, but are widely known for letting liberals post virtually anything without any consequences. They have suspended us several times in the past, including this time when they literally suspended us even though we didn’t post for a full week. The only thing different this time is that we’re reasonably sure we know why it happened and that it was for this post below:

In our defense, though, the post was literally a link to a news article talking about what is being currently taught to 8th graders in California schools. Even though it’s a 100% factual situation, maybe the link we should’ve used was this one for the much more left leaning Los Angeles times?

Well, we used the time that we normally spend updating Facebook on the following changes and upgrades to the site.

Change 1: New look to the site, improved navigation, and integrated Facebook comments on every post

New navigation buttons at the bottom, easier to use menus, and a more modern look are nice, but they’re small potatoes. When you get to the bottom of this page you’ll see that we added Facebook comments to each post. If we could move just half of our comments away from Facebook.com and onto our actual site we’d have the ability to stop posting on social media altogether and tell them to go to hell with their bans, shadowbans, and suspensions.

Change 2: Launched thefunnyconservative.com/news

We launched our own news aggregate and it’s simply amazing. Like many of you we were tired of going to sites like “Drudge Report” or “One America” and finding them either bogged down with ads, not updated frequently enough, or just a pain to navigate. Plus, other sites that were reliably conservative in nature would often be full of stuff that conservative news junkies like us didn’t care about such as Hollywood news, sports, or coverage of what the British royal family was doing.

We challenge you to visit it right now and do a side-by-side comparison to the Drudge Report and if you can find any reason why we’re not better, email us at thefunnyconservative@gmail.com and we’ll fix it.

Change 3: We’re giving away FREE stock through Robinhood, no strings attached!

Whenever Facebook suspends us, we take a massive hit to our income. It’s how the left wins, by silencing oppositino. Just how YouTube de-monetized Steven Crowder, Facebook has suspended us several times, including one time where we we got banned for a week even though we didn’t post anything. Yes, it’s true: We literally got banned for nothing!

To better run our business and continue expanding it, we need to diversify the ways in which we generate income. That’s why we’ve partnered with Robinhood and are literally giving away free stocks just for signing up. You don’t need to buy anything or have any money in your account. If you want a free stock, including a chance to win a share of Microsoft or JPMorgan Chase, each valued at around $160, simply create an account. Click here to sign up now or click here to learn more about this exciting offer. Just remember that investing is a risk and that you need to learn more about investing before putting any of your own money into the stock market.

Change 4: Get a free $5 when you start an account with Acorns

Acorns is one of the best investment options available today. Their “round-up” feature simply rounds up your purchases to the next dollar and puts that extra change into an investment account that you design for yourself. Their best feature though, is that using this system, saving and investing are easy and painless. Simply set it and forget it and then check back in a few weeks or months to see how much richer you now are. Just remember that all investments are risks and you should educate yourself before putting any money into any investment products. Click here to learn more about Acorns or click here to sign up now.

Bonus videos:

One of the better things that we did during the Facebook ban was spend some time working on our video meme skills. Here’s links to our first 3 videos ever.

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