Best Memes this Week: Bye-bye, Timmy Jay Edition

Every week we post a compilation of that week’s best and most popular memes. This week we’re mainly celebrating Thanksgiving and the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, but there are dozens of other memes below so please be patient while it loads!

The Jen Psaki Meme Collection

Joe Biden’s Press Secretary is a huge step down from Kayleigh McEnany. Not onldoes she have the temperament of an angry chihuahua and the charisma of a wet sock, she refuses to answer hard questions and just deflects or gives non-answers. The only good thing she’s given us are meme fodder and we’ve got plenty of those that you can look at by clicking here or on any of the Jen Psaki memes in the section below. Or keep scrolling for even more great memes!

Kyle Rittenhouse, American hero

Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent of all charges related to the killing of three rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This was a huge win for self-defense and the Second Amendment and will likely serve as a major warning to Antifa and BLM when they gear up for more riots in the future. We’ve got a huge collection of Kyle Rittenhouse memes that you can see by clicking here or on one of the Rittenhouse memes below, or keep scrolling for even more great memes

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