Best Memes This Week: Benelli Edition

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Every week we put out a compilation post like this one of the best memes for that week, plus a recap of the better posts. They’re like a buffet of political humor featuring several subject, plus with a lot of links to the posts. Scroll down, enjoy, and share!

Just some badass Marines holding up an ISIS flag they captured. 100% badassery right here!

De-monetized, Banned, Blocked and More!

Facebook has a habit of suspending us without telling us why, including one time that they literally suspended us even though we didn’t post anything for a week.

Pinterest labeled us a “spam” website, even though we do exactly the same as all the other businesses who post on there.

Twitter has shadowbanned us, making it nearly impossible to get on their platform unless you’re a celebrity or have major advertising dollars.

Running the site is fun, and important, but it costs money. If you believe that humor is a good way to start a conversation and agree that memes have the ability to spread the conservative message, then help us keep the site up and running with a donation of any size. Click here or on any of the censorship memes in the section below to donate using a credit card, bank account, or via PayPal, or keep scrolling down for even more memes!

This meme of Taylor Swift is more closely aligned with her political beliefs than the phony “Tennessee Country Girl” image she’s been trying to sell for the last few years.

Joe Biden Is As Bright As Midnight

Half the memes point out how stupid Biden is. The other half points out that he’s got some serious sexual assault allegations against him. It’s perfectly balanced, as all things should be. It’s also a great post that you can see by clicking here or on any of the memes in the section below.

Clown World: Voter ID Laws Are Racist, but Vaccination Cards Are Okay

Democrats say it’s racist to force people to show ID before they vote, but that it’s perfectly fine to force people to get an unproven, rushed to market vaccine and prove it with a vaccination card. It’s another great post that you can see by clicking here or on any of the memes in the section below.

We Need More Toxic Masculinity!

Look at the pictures of the leftist men and tell me that they’re not the epitome of what’s wrong in America. If Toxic Masculinity is strong fathers, US Army, and church on Sundays followed by a trip to the gun range or gym, then Toxic Masculinity is what we need. Click here or on any of the pictures in the section below to see the full post.

Voter ID: The Best Racist Idea Ever!

Ensuring that everyone votes only once and that only citizens vote is something that we shouldn’t even be discussing, yet here we are. Every meme in the section below will take you to a full post on why we need Voter ID. Click here or on any of the memes in the section below to go there now.

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