Best Memes this Week: Assault on the 1A Edition

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This week has been another one for the record books. Despite how heated our political discourse is, the left just can’t help but make it worse by tightening restrictions on our First Amendment right.

Not only did they railroad through an election while millions of us still have doubts as to it’s veracity, they don’t even let us talk about it. It’s a full out assault and it’s a battle we can’t lose.

We’ll do our part by cataloguing it in meme form, with dozens and dozens on this one post alone; you do your part by downloading them into your meme cannons and firing them all across your text messages and social media. Spread the word, people!

Article: Tiananmen Square

The worst part of the Tiananmen Square massacre is that the government was able to keep most news, photos, and videos of it hidden. To this day, Chinese citizens face jail or “reeducation camps” for even hinting about it. We aren’t at this level yet, but we’re definitely on the road there with the assault on our First Amendment rights by big tech.

Come check out our post on by clicking here or on any of the pictures in the section below, or keep scrolling for even more memes.

Amen and Awomen

Democrat Representative Emanuel Cleaver gave the opening prayer for the new Congress and ended it with a demonstration of how “woke” he is, ending it with “Amen and awomen.” The nation responded with a collective eye roll and a whole lot of great memes and videos which you can see by clicking here or on any of the memes in the section below.

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