Best Memes This Week: Acquitted and Exonerated Edition

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Emotional roller coaster this week, starting at an extreme low point with Rush Limbaugh announcing he has cancer, then progressing to potentially the best State of the Union address ever, and then the relief of the President being exonerated at his impeachment trial in the Senate.

It was a huge week so we have a huge post, including a few links to some awesome videos. Please be patient while it all loads.

President Trump’s Special Guests At the State of the Union Address

In what was arguably the best SOTU ever, President Trump introduced the nation to some amazing Americans. While all of them have tremendous, inspiratonal stories, we’re only posting a few random ones here. You can see the full post by clicking here or on any of the images in the section below.

Left or Right – How Do You Align?

How do your views line up with the left and right’s views on the six most common topics “single issue voters” decide their vote on. Click here or on any of the images below to see the full post.

Liberal Ghouls

Talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh announced that he has advanced stage lung cancer this week. True to form, the left came out WHILE HE WAS STILL ON THE AIR with disgusting Tweets and comments. There’s literally thousands more, but we have a full post of the most vicious ones of the first day. Click here or on any of the images below to see the full post. WARNING: You’ll lose some faith in humanity.

Cancer is justice? Cancer is fitting for someone who you disagree with politically? INSANE!

These two were called out by others on Twitter. Instead of deleting the Tweets or – heaven forbid! – apologizing, they doubled down. It’s sad that the left is so unhinged; they used to pride themselves on “tolerance” and now they’re just nasty.

Super Bowl 2020

A page full of football memes. Some political, some not, all hilarious. Click here or on any image in the section below to see the full post.


We had several video posts this week. Each image below will open the video in a new window.

How to Paint Like Pelosi

Donald Trump Roasts Hillary Clinton at a Charity Dinner

Donald Trump Victory Celebration Montage

President Honey Badger

Trump Derangement Syndrome

This is an older post but very relevant today as the liberals have a meltdown over the acquittal. Stock up on memes by clicking here or on any of the images in the section below to see the full post.

That’s all the memes for now. This post is easily three to four times bigger than the standard post of most other sites, with less ads and no need to flip between pages for more memes.

We end the week on an optimistic note: Impeachment is over! Maybe now Congress can get to work on making America great again and pass some laws and measures to improve our nation.

Hoping and praying!

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