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(Gallery) Best Memes This Week: 12 Rules for Life Edition

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Every week we post up a compilation of our most popular memes to help you catch up. It’s a huge post full of a bunch of random memes, all of which are absolutely hilarious, broken down in to sections for the posts. It’s a big post this week, so be patient and let it load while you scroll!

Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life

My favorite post this week is this video summary of Jordan Peterson’s amazing book, 12 Rules for Life. It’s a short video, but definitely an amazing video. If you’ve thought about buying Jordan’s book but don’t really know if it’s for you, or if you’ve never heard of it but are curious, click here or on the image below to watch it, or keep scrolling for more memes!

Cancel These Memes!

Cancel Culture is going strong, with the left digging up dirt on everyone and everything from the last – literally! – 300 years. They’re forcing company name changes, removing faces from brands, and even changing the names of buildings in some of our most famous schools.

Most of us think it’s garbage, but, sadly, even raising a complaint about it is considered racism as well. Well, some of us still have the courage to call it stupid.

We have just a few of the memes below; click here or on any of them to see the full post or keep scrolling for more memes from the other posts this week.

Sharia Law – The 7th Century Legal System Demanded by Muslim Immigrants

This post is actually an older post but it doesn’t get much traffic because we can’t post links to it on social media, so we’re forced to advertise it internally on some of our weekly compilation posts like this one. It’s also one of our better posts, so we should really pull out all the stops to get it out in the open because it’s a high quality post with both informative and hilarious memes.

Muslim refugees in America are increasingly refusing to assimilate and instead are demanding that we allow them to implement Sharia Law in their neighborhoods and towns. Most Americans don’t fully understand what Sharia Law is and can easily fall into their sales pitch of “Our religious people use our holy texts to determine how we interact with one another.” It sounds great, but just like socialism – reality is a far cry from theory. In this post we’ll go through some of the more radical Koran verses and show you evidence via that these practices are alive and well, and taken literally from their “holy” book.

Happy Father’s Day

Our Father’s Day post this year was epic, the biggest collection of Father’s Day memes anywhere on the internet. Click here or on the link below to see them and maybe download one and send it to your old man.

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