Believe All Women. Except Tara Reade

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The first thing we need to do is say that we’re 100% fine with a full investigation and that if Tara Reade is lying, then she needs to go to prison. A woman who lies about being raped is worse than an actual rapist. With that in mind, we demand a level of investigation and interrogations AT LEAST to the same level as what was done to Justice Kavanaugh. And if Tara Reade is lying, to prison she goes.

Liberal Hypocrisy

This is just one of the Hollywood “elite” who does this type of nonsense. When it’s a Republican they’re all up in arms over the whole thing, and demand a trial and immediate lynching. I honestly can’t say I disagree with them because there should be no sexual assaults in today’s America. However, when the same thing is accused of a Democrat, the clowns in Hollywood are meek. They make excuses where they once made protest signs. They want everyone to calm down where before they were leading the mob. “Remember due process,” they tell us where with Justice Kavanaugh they wanted him thrown out and his career ruined just because he was accused.

No wonder they’ve lost all credibility.

The “explanation” below in her YouTube video is that she believes Joe Biden should have a fair investigation before we jump to conclusions.

Opening the Eyes of Left-Leaning Independents

Independents will decide this election just like they decided the 2016 election. They saw that Hillary Clinton was crooked and essentially everyone west of the Hudson and east of Hollywood voted for Trump. Something similar will happen in 2020 when they see that Biden isn’t just tainted by the Burisma and China business dealings, but by a very credible sexual assault allegation.

The trick is to get them to see this slime. Mainstream media doesn’t report it, but they do report that Fox News, One America, Epoch Times, and all the other outlets are all “far right” and to not watch. The average, true “middle of the road” American has likely only heard a few mentions of Tara Reade and trusts that CNN is correct when they say that it’s a non-story. They have no idea that as of right now CNN has done two stories on Tara Reade but over 700 on Christine Blasey Ford.

To help you open their eyes, as well as to maintain integrity about being fair minded I suggest watching left leaning news casts and reading leftist websites. Pay more attention to these than you do the conservative ones. This is what most of America is fed. And if you find something that makes you realize conservatism is wrong, email it t me at thefunnyconservative@gmail.com because at the end of the day, I’m an American more than I am a conservative. And I’m certainly NOT a republican.

Luckily, even though they’re almost solely exposed to leftist propaganda, Americans are fair minded. If they learn about how this isn’t reported by their favorite news sources they’ll see the ridiculousness. They’ll wonder why there isn’t any sort of investigation, and they’ll make comparisons to what happened with Kavanaugh. Our job as conservatives is to simply point them towards these right leaning sources. Your job is only to point them to a website where they’ll hear our side and let them come to their own conclusion. Trust that our side wins in the battle of ideologies.

Dealings With Liberals Masquerading as “Independents”

Claiming to be an “independent” or a “libertarian” is considered to be the “intellectual” position. These people will undermine you, either in person by countering your talking points to the true independents, or just troll you and make you doubt yourself and your convictions. They’re very active on chat rooms like Reddit and other websites saying things like “both women were wrong for not going to the police sooner, but more so for Reade because Biden was a sitting Senator.” Often times they’ll be friends or former coworkers that you deal with through text messages and they’ll claim to be “middle of the road” and say that they have conversations with liberals in which they’re the conservative party. The chances of this being true is low to extremely low.

They’ll say that the left wing media isn’t talking about Reade, but that the right didn’t report on Blasey Ford, and justify it by saying that “both sides do it” or something along those lines. The truth is that Fox (and all the right leaning outlets) gave plenty of coverage to Blasey Ford. If you point this out to them they’ll say that the right tried to discredit Blasey Ford. Be ready for this and counter with a simple, “pointing out the discrepancies in her story isn’t discrediting her, it’s pointing out the discrepancies in her story.” We did a full story on Christine Blasey Ford that you can read by clicking here. In contrast, Reade’s story has been consistent.

Most of the time their arguments are mirrors of what’s said on CNN and MSNBC. If this is true, point it out to them to watch their egos deflate. Hopefully this will knock them down a peg and make them amenable to you suggesting that they watch Fox or OANN or some other right leaning news site one night a week.

No one ever accused of Slate of being an actual journalism outlet but the level of hypocrisy in their two headlines below is beyond ridiculous!

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