Babylon Bee is Being Called Out for Fake News By CNN

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CNN and Snopes aren’t exactly known for their non-biased reporting. In fact, theirs name are now less trusted than even MSNBC. So when they started calling out obviously humorous and admitted satirical website “Babylon Bee” as fake news it was a little hard to believe at first.

We collected some of the Bee’s best articles for you to read here, plus some bonus videos at the bottom. Tell us in the Facebook comments below: Are you able to tell the difference between fake news and real? Or do you need the fools at CNN and Snopes to spell it out for you?

The Babylon Bee Satirizes the Absurdities of American Politics. Snopes Doesn’t Seem to Get the Joke.

Babylon Bee CEO: “How funny is it that CNN is coming after us for spreading disinformation?”

CNN Hilariously Tries Policing Fake News & Gets Blown Out By Babylon Bee

Helpful Tips for Identifying Fake News on CNN

‘DOUBLE STANDARD’: Babylon Bee CEO On Why CNN Targets Christian Satire

Babylon Bee vs CNN / Snopes

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