“Auntie” Maxine Waters

Democratic Representative from Los Angeles Maxine Waters has been a perennial addition to “Most Corrupt Politicians” lists almost since the start of her relatively unproductive career. In 2005 she was at the top of the list of who to watch, in 2006 she made it to the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics annual report on corruption, and then again in 2009 and 2011.

Well, she’s probably going to be on it again for a record FIFTH time as her daughter is set to collect somewhere between $150,000 and $200,000 in “fees” for working on Maxine’s re-election campaign.

This is on top of the $600,000 that her daughter has already collected from Maxine’s campaign between 2006 and 2016 for the same job – sending out envelopes. While it may be “legal” to hire an outside firm – that coincidentally happens to be headed by your daughter – it’s almost certainly not ethical.

It’s hard to tell why “Auntie” Maxine keeps getting elected. Those of us who have been “blessed” with the privilege to drive through South Central Los Angeles know that her district has been in shambles for decades, that it’s the part of town you get to only if you make a wrong turn somewhere, that it’s the part of town that you avoid unless you’re trying to get robbed or car jacked. The only thing we can think of as a reason for her to keep getting elected is that her campaign keeps telling her constituents that everyone else is racist and they’re the ones keeping them down, not Maxine and her upwards of 4 million dollar home that isn’t even in the district she represents.

The only thing she’s done is make a perpetually frowny face and appear to wear ridiculous wigs that she seemed to have purchased from the late James Brown estate, both of these accomplishments look good in photographs, but even better in memes.

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