Arm Yourself With These Awesome Gun Facts and Memes

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There are about 30,000 gun related deaths per year that are caused by firearms. The US population is approximately 328 million as of January 2018.

The reason that the total number is important is that the left portrays this number as huge. But out of nearly 330 million people, it’s not. But, let’s break this number down even further.

330,000,000 divided by 30,000 is 0.00009% of the population.

On the right we try to make decisions using facts and logic instead of just pure emotion. While emotions and empathy are important, the left would ban all guns immediately, taking away one of our most important amendments without any regret or foresight.

Let’s break that 0.00009% chance of dying by a firearm down further:

100% is everyone, 10% would be 1 in 10, 1% would be one out of a hundred, and 0.1% would be one out of a thousand people. Using this same pattern we get to 0.00009% as nine people in a million dying from gun violence every year.

Statistically speaking, in a country of nearly 330 million people, that’s insignificant. It’s not even a rounding error.

But, let’s break that number down a little more:

22,938 (76%) of those 30,000 deaths were suicide, which wouldn’t be prevented by more gun laws.

987 (3%) of the remaining deaths were caused by law enforcement. These are police officers killing criminals, making this number null and void in the context of banning weapons or adding more gun control laws.

489 (2%) of the 30,000 deaths are accidental.

After you remove suicides, law enforcement, and accidents from the 30,000 gun deaths, you have a total of 5,577 deaths a year from guns. In a country of 330 million. 330,000,000 divided by 5,577 is 0.000017%

Let’s break that 5,577 a little further:

298 (5%) were in St. Louis, Missouri, 327 (6%) were in Detroit, Michigan, 328 (6%) were in Baltimore, Maryland, and 764 (14%) were in Chicago, Illinois.

Question: What do St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago have in common?

Answer: They’re all Democrat controlled cities in with strict gun control laws.

After you remove the deaths in those four Democrat controlled cities, you have 3,856 deaths among the 330 million in America.

330,000,000 divided by 3,856 is 0.00001168.

Democrats want to remove our right to bear arms, they want to remove the most important tool to protect ourselves from criminals and from a tyrannical government, for the 0.000011% chance one of us will be killed by a gun.

Now, let’s compare gun deaths against other common causes for death.

610,000 die from heart disease, 250,000 die from medical errors, 70,000 die from drug overdoses each year, 49,000 die from the flu, 37,000 die from motor vehicle accidents.

If we really want to save lives, we should outlaw doctors.

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