Are We Still Pretending Rachel Maddow Is A Journalist?

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Rachel Maddow was the biggest name on MSNBC at one point, but her fame has gotten a little dull after the Russia and Ukraine collusion stories she championed have fallen apart. She built her career on attacking President Trump and his supporters and when the truth came out, that it was actually the Democrats who were guilty of wrong doing, she was finally held to account.

Bonus Video 1: Breaks Down During Report on “Tender Age” Shelter

She breaks down crying on camera regarding Trump “separating babies” at the border. Three things on this:

  1. Did she have the same “reaction” when Barack Obama’s policies started this policy?
  2. Watch the video. This is the worst non-genuine reactions ever on camera.

Bonus Video 2: All Russia, All The Time

Bonus Video 3: The Humiliating Fall of Rachel Maddow

(Image below is a link to another page containing the video)

Bonus Video 3: Rachel Maddow The Day Before and the Day After the 2016 Election

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