AOC and the Squad’s ideas are not new or revolutionary

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They’ve been tried dozens of times around the world and in every case have catastrophically failed. There has never been anything even remotely close to a successful socialist system – each attempt has ended in famine, secret police arresting people in the middle of the night because of rumors they disagreed with the government, and worse.

I ask conservatives to not share this meme lightly. Read about socialism, how it’s never worked, how the governments increase their power incrementally because of some exaggerated “terrorist” group, and several other things that closely resemble what we have going on in today’s America. Educate yourself so you can have an intelligent conversation and answer the questions that may arise from a genuinely curious mind. I ask conservatives to take things one step further and read a book or article that’s pro-communism if only to know the mind of your “enemy.”

If you’re a liberal and you disagree with this meme, we ask that you do the same. Many of you don’t even know the definition of socialism and think it’s “libraries and schools” or some other sophomoric knee jerk response. If you’ve ever used “who will build the roads” to defend socialism, you don’t know what socialism is. My challenge to you is to do the same. Read on what socialism is, how it’s affected people, how those governments started, the propaganda they used to convince their people, and how things went south.

Case studies in our own hemisphere include Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

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