An important reminder of what Joe Biden did for anyone with diabetes or a diabetic family member

Donald Trump issued an executive order to control the cost of insulin, capping it at $30 a month – which is what he referred to in the debates about insulin being “cheaper than water.”

Joe Biden rescinded that order on his FIRST day in office and the cost skyrocketed immediately, with some vials costing hundreds of dollars EACH. No one knows why Joe Biden did this, but what we do know is that Big Pharma lobbyists gave millions in contributions to his campaign.

Joe Biden then issued an order that countered his own order, and took credit for bringing down the price of insulin – and the media applauded him!

As in everything I say, don’t take my word for it: Use your favorite search engine and look this up for yourself.

Here are some links to get you started:

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PHARMA: Biden Freezes Trump’s Lower Cost Insulin and Epinephrine Rule

HUMILIATION: Biden Stopped Trump’s Insulin Executive Order, Now Scrambling to Make Things Right

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