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It’s hard to tell what is less popular, Amy Schumer’s jokes or her politics. Her jokes are mainly some vulgar variation of “I got drunk and had sex!” and her politics are essentially “Donald Trump = Bad.” There’s not much depth here, but the memes on her pretty much write themselves so we thought we’d post up a page in her (dis)honor.

Amy Schumer said she’d leave the country if Trump got elected, sure at the time that Clinton would win, just like the rest of the left. Well, much to the dismay of virtually every American, she’s still among us.

She walked her comment back saying it was a “joke” on her Instagram post.

Well, a conservative group went ahead and put up ads to auction her items to facilitate her move to Canada. Amy, unfortunately, didn’t take them up on it.

Which is good because, as per the image below, she wasn’t wanted in the UK either (and presumably Canada as well)

Just look at her political opinions. This woman is as leftist as they come and extremely outspoken about her opinion.

Reviews of her Netflix comedy show were less than glowing. A roughly 1 star overall shows that we’re not the only “anti-fans” of Ms. Schumer.

She’s almost as non-funny as Kathy Griffin. We don’t know who Photoshopped this, but it’s funnier than Kathy’s photograph of her doing the same to President Trump.

Schumer tried to “prank” Kanye West once by pretending to be drunk and fall on the floor in front of him, hoping he would stop to help her. West just stepped around her and kept walking – probably the funniest bit Schumer has ever been involved in!

Last complaint about Amy Schumer and liberal hypocrisy in general.

Look at her “joke” below and ask yourself this: If a conservative comedian had said this, and it was a male comedian making it about a high school female, what would happen to him?

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