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Acorns is one of the best investment apps on the market because of two extremely simple reasons:

  • It makes investing painless. One of the hard parts of investing is letting that money go, knowing it can’t be used for anything else. What makes Acorns so great is that you never feel the pain of letting that money go. What it does is monitor your bank account and automatically invests the spare change from your daily debit or credit card purchases. For example, if you buy a cup of coffee for $1.75, Acorns will round that purchase up to $2 and invest that extra quarter for you.
  • It makes investing easy. Once you set it up, it’s set up for life. What a few of us have done here at thefunnyconservative.com is set it up and then forget about it, letting it continue investing our spare change without even seeing or thinking about it for weeks at a time. I, personally, delete the app and reinstall it every few months and if I have enough money to buy a gun, I withdraw the money, if I don’t, I re-delete the app until I do.

Start investing in your future (or saving for your next gun!) today. Click here or on the image above to get started. Bonus: Use this link to let them know we referred you and you’ll get $5 invested in your account after it’s set up. It’s literally free money.

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