A Brief History On The Global Warming / Climate Change Hoax

Let’s start this post by saying that no one wants a dirty, disgusting planet. Not a single one of us wants to create a world like the one in “Wall-E.” If you ever hear someone say something along the lines of, “Oh, you’re a conservative (or Republican, even though they’re not the same thing), then you’re against the environment!” That person is a bonafide idiot, a true buffoon.

Unfortunately, even though we all want a cleaner and safer planet, far left politicians have turned everything into an environmental issue and attributed every natural event to climate change. They would have you believe it’s because they care for the environment, but the truth is that it’s about power and control, and ultimately money.

Don’t believe us? Look at a simple Bing search (Google is biased!) for “Al Gore Wealth.” While you’re at it, note that the “evil, rich Dick Cheney” is only worth 1/3rd as much as Big Al. Granted, he made a lot of that from Al-Jazeera TV, but a good chunk of that money comes from books and speeches where he peddles his global warming nonsense.

Remember global warming? It was the big scare of the 2000s with obscene, ridiculous predictions that all failed to come true. Al Gore himself predicted that the global ice caps would melt by 2014!

Well, the term “Global Warming” isn’t used as much anymore, largely because it was used to blame everything from minor, temporary increases in temperature to increased rain or other weather activity. Unfortunately for the global warming alarmists there were several instances of “Global Warming” conventions being snowed out and repeated instances of ships carrying “scientists” on their way to document melting icebergs get stuck in record levels of sea ice.

And there’s also the various global warming summits that were cancelled due to snow (headlines and images below)

In order to prevent any more of these embarassments, the more marketing-savvy leftists came up with the name “Climate Change.” This allowed them to blame EVERY natural event – and even some man made events, on environmental pollution. The left blamed everything from the fires in the Amazon rain forest, to illegal immigration, to the formation of ISIS on climate change (headlines and images below).

While on the surface their intent seems honorable and noble, the real goal is seizing control of government to accomplish even more of their socialist / social justice agenda.

Andrew Yang wants to impose huge taxes on meat to force you to become more vegetarian. It’s all about control!
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allowed school children to sue President Trump because of the environment.
This judge should be recalled immediately, if not sooner.

Sadly for them, conservative media outlets, along with right leaning politicians were able to see right through their plot. It’s the same alarmism and fake outrage that they use for all their social justice issues. The only difference is that we’ve caught on to their tactics and their trends, because as you can see, it’s not the first time they’ve tried these stunts. We literally have decades of headlines in which they say mankind is destined for extinction unless we do what the left wants us to do.

We just hope that eventually they get tired of being wrong all the time. Or at least keep their predictions within the realm of reality and plausibility and stop blaming virtually everything on “climate change.”

On the bright side, we have all these headlines of times when the left was proven wrong again and again on these very issues that they supposedly championed.

On the bright side, we have all these great memes on Al Gore’s hypocrisy. It’s almost as if he didn’t think we’d catch on that him and his wife use 21 times what an average American family in his state uses, and that this energy uses is just at his one house! He owns several homes, and flies regularly in private jets to lecture us on why we should take the train.

It’s not just Big Al Gore with the hypocrisy, though. We’ve got plenty of memes to go around for all the leftist jackasses who preach but don’t make even a small attempt to live by their own words!

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