If you want to have a better financial future without any palpable pain today, consider Acorns - one of the best investment apps on the market because of two extremely simple reasons: It makes investing painless. One of the hard parts of investing is letting that money go, knowing it can't be used for anything... Continue Reading →

Guinea pigs

To those who received the vaccine at the very beginning, you have my deepest sympathies and I pray that you are among those who avoid the side effects. To those who did it after the data came out and called us conspiracy theorists, a danger to society, and all that other nasty stuff - you... Continue Reading →

Get it here – Nation of Sheep stickers

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Different species of the Political Compass

The Political Compass is a popular website which asks it's visitors questions in order to rate political ideology along a spectrum that has two axes: economic (left / right) and social (authoritarian / libertarian). Below is where the creators of the Political Compass place some historical figures, followed by some memes of the different species... Continue Reading →

Remember or download this graph and read these statistics for the next time some idiot tries telling you that we need to control guns to reduce our violent crime rate

Key points: The US is 16 of 47 (about a third of the way down). Comparing against the countries on either side of us we see that Pakistan's (#15 on list) has rather loose gun laws, but a slightly lower homicide rate, and that Tanzania's (#17 on list) gun laws are roughly equivalent to what... Continue Reading →


The stock market has always been a great place to invest, especially in times like today when stocks are going for below what they're worth because people are scared of the uncertainty under Clown Shoes Biden. Have you been wanting to invest but choosing not to because you don't want to pay $9 or $19... Continue Reading →