How does it feel knowing that the #1 recipient of YOUR tax dollars are the people who paid the President’s son millions in likely bribe money while he was Vice-President under Obama?

To all the liberals who say it couldn’t have been bribe money, I ask ONE question: Why else would a corrupt Ukranian government-controlled energy company (Burisma) give a literal crackhead so much money? Keep in mind that Hunter Biden didn’t know a single thing about energy, nor did […]

Imagine being such a POS that you let your husband get away with sexually assaulting your daughter because doing something about it would upset your privileged life.

As always, we encourage people to do their own research. Here are some links to get you started: Ashley Biden’s Shocking Diary Is Real, Confirming Creepy Joe Biden Allegations – from Ashley Biden Confirmed as Author of Stolen Diary Including Claim of ‘Showers w/ My Dad (Probably […]

Liberals around the country donated $42,000 so that the RICHEST COMMUNITY in America can take care of 50 illegal aliens – for literally ONE day. And then Martha’s Vineyard kept the money after deporting the illegals!

First they were swindled by BLM and now they got swindled by Martha’s Vineyard! (Edit: I fact checked this before posting to see if Martha’s Vineyard returned the $42,000, at which point I would’ve deleted the post. Instead, I found that donations were actually $175,000, as per!)