Me the whole month of June

The fact is simple: 99.999% of us don’t care about homosexuals getting “married” or whatever they want to do. But when it’s shoved in our faces on every TV commercial, every clothing advertisement, with TV shows having LGBT characters that are 10 times over-represented, it gets a little […]

Get it here – Fuck Biden Stickers

HUGE STICKERS.  Massive, 4-inch-tall by 6-inch-wide stickers are guaranteed to be seen HIGH QUALITY PRINTING.  Printed in the highest possible resolution for beautiful, clear, and vibrant stickers. OUTDOOR RATED.  These stickers are coated with UV protecting laminate that will make them resistant even to direct sunlight, plus waterproof so […]

Which is more likely

a. That this conversation would ever happen b. That if criminals knew we’re unarmed, would increase their violent crimes knowing that there’s nothing to stop them, especially in cities and states where Democrats neutered police departments across the nation (looking at you, California)

Deadly Sin Month

Regardless what the liberals say, it’s not that their sexual activities are different than the majority of us, it’s that they flaunt it and demand you participate and condone it by giving them attention, attending their events, and more. I’m sorry, but I honestly don’t care what you […]

Ready for the 4th?

PICK YOUR COLOR.  Ben Drankin is printed to order right here in the US, with 8 colors to choose from including lemon yellow, slate, black, baby blue, silver, grass, heather grey, and pink.BEACH, POOL, AND BACKYARD READY.  100% cotton on solid colors, with a polyester blend available for […]

Politics over safety

Here’s what they’re doing in Europe: (Headlines copied and pasted below, link is to the actual article) Forbes: Germany, France Restrict Moderna’s Covid Vaccine For Under-30s Over Rare Heart Risk—Despite Surging Cases ABC News: Scandinavians curb Moderna shots for some younger patients British Medical Journal: Covid-19: Sweden, Norway, […]